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School leaders want the consultants they hire to be both expert in the latest best practices and research while also being attuned to the unique needs of their students, teachers, and community.¬†At Mosaic Education, we have a superb team — working together to reimagine what school support can be — who are experienced in providing professional development through on-site, school-based coaching and off-site workshops as well as virtual/remote and blended coaching.

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"Our staff benefited tremendously from our collaboration with Mosaic Education. The teaching techniques and strategies imparted have helped to create more engaging classrooms for our students."

William A. Morton, Program Director at Bridgeport Public Schools

Teaching and learning are complicated and complex and, in fundamental ways, shaped by context.

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If you've worked with other consulting agencies before, you know that the way we are talking about the work is different. Reach out to us and we'll set a time to chat.

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